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Most Americans are always in a rush when getting their food, and when you're in a rush you will get your food to go instead. But like many countries America does have dining etiquette and they are used during formal dining and or during business dinners.In America table manners play and important roll if you want to make a good impression. The reason why you would want to make a good impression is that because Americans will always judge you by their first impression of you. If you go to a job interview and you do not give the interviewer a good impression, chances are that you will not get the job you got interviewed for.

Table manners are taught at an early age and weather you are having lunch with an employer or with a business associate your table manners could speak louder than your profession.When you are on a lunch or a dinner the meal begins when the host unfolds his or her napkin. This is your sign that the lunch or dinner has officially started and you should also unfold your napkin. The unfolded napkin will be placed on your lap. The napkin will stay on your lap throughout the time you are eating, and the napkin is to be used to blot your mouth if needed. If sometime happens and you feel that you need to leave the table then you should put your napkin on your chair, this is to tell your server that you will be returning.

When you are out with a host who is treating you, they will place their napkin on the table and this is your cue that the meal is at and end. Before you leave your table you should place your napkin gently on the table next to your plate. Before ordering your food you should look ever the menu first. If you are not clear about something in the food ask your waiter or waitress and they will be able to answer any question you might have. It is a good idea to ask questions about the foods ingredient's before you order so that when the food comes you will be able to eat your food and not stare at it or play with it to distract your hunger.The waitress will normally ask the women on the table to order first. You should not order food that is more expensive than your hosts, it is considered to be rude. Try to order your food between the same price as your hosts.

If you are going to a formal banquet you can gain more knowledge on what is going to be served by looking at the utensils that are placed on the table. The way you can do this is by drawing an imaginary line across the center of the table. To the right of your plate will be placed, the glassware, cup and saucer, knives, spoons, and maybe even seafood fork if seafood is going to be served. After you have used your glass or cup, place it back to the same position, this way the order and image of the table is not ruined. You should keep in mind that on the left of your plate the bread and butter, salad plate, napkin and forks is placed on your left. The way you remember this is by “liquids on your right and solids on your left. Like the French, Americans also use the utensils from the outside in.





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