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Greek Food Etiquette

Greek restaurant's are not like the ones you see in America. Greeks love to eat, and there for when you go to a Greek restaurant you are suppose to eat. Most Greek restaurant's will allow you to tour the kitchen of the restaurant. By touring the kitchen you can then decide which dish looked good for you. You can always ask what that food is that is being made, and you can either order your food right there in the kitchen, or keep the dish name in mind and order it with your waiter when you get back to your table.

Greek food is not spicy, they use most of the same spices you use at home. Another good thing about Greek food is that the only oil they use in their food is olive oil. Greeks take much pride in the food they make and serve. When you are going to a Greek restaurant and it is between the months of May and October you should try and seat yourself outside so that you can enjoy the nice weather and meal at the same time (this is if the Greek restaurant that you chose has outside seating). One thing about Greek restaurant's is that you can always order your meals even after you are done with your previous plate. Greeks are great hosts and they love offering you food no matter what. The rule is that if you do not want seconds, leave a little on your plate. And if you do not like a specific food, as for seconds of the kind you do like to compliment the hostess.

Wine is common in the Greek culture at lunch and dinner. The more you drink the more you will be offered, and if you do not want to drink anymore leave your glass more than half full. If you go to a Greek restaurant be sure to know exactly who your waiter is because they will not come up to you every five seconds to ask if everything is going alright with your meal. If you would like the check for you to leave, you would have to track down your waiter and have them give you your check. Most Greek restaurant's will include the 15% of the tip in your receipt but it is normally good to leave a few extra dollars on the table for the person who cleans the tables.





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